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Mother vs. Grother 2014: Christmas Character or NFL Player, Plus Week 15 Games

Mother vs. Grother is back! That is right. Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. America’s favorite podcast for picking NFL games against the spread against my wife and gay brother-in-law is in full throat for the all important week 15 games. Before we get down to making our picks, we play a holiday […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Kim Kardashian’s Ass & Week 11 NFL Picks

Where would Mother vs. Grother be if Kim Kardashian and her honey baked rear end had actually gone through with her threat to break the internet? This week the panel tackles that buzzy photo shoot, and debates if that photo could make us forget about her sex tape past. After attempting to wrap our hands […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: The Future of the Podcast in the Post GOP World & Week 10 NFL Picks

Could this be the last week of Mother vs. Grother? America’s favorite podcast might have to change with the Republican party now in charge of the US House and Senate. We discuss the future of the podcast and culture at large, and then dive into the week 10 NFL games. By next week this podcast […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: We Celebrate Halloween & Make Our Week 9 Picks

Mother vs. Grother celebrates Halloween this week by breaking out some special costumes for the podcast. We reveal our costumes, discuss how to avoid some common Halloween mistakes, and make our all important picks for Week 9 of the NFL season. The standings also tightened this week as Laura and Ben tied with 65 games correct after […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Week 8 and The Dangers of Eating Contests

The leaves are changing, and germs of all kinds are coming out to play. It’s a sure sign that Fall is in full swing. This week’s episode of Mother vs. Grother is full of phlegm, thanks to my wife Laura bringing home an illness of unknown provence. While I try to work through a cold, […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Week 7 Games & Who’s to Blame for Charity Omission

Mother vs. Grother is always full of energy, but this week’s episode is off the charts. As usual we pick NFL games with my wife (the Mother) and my future brother-in-law (the Grother). Before we get to the Week 7 games, we hash out why my wife and I weren’t able to donate to Michael’s […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Picking the Week 6 Slate & the Top 3 Sexiest Players

If the leaves are changing, then it must be Mother vs. Grother season. Welcome back to America’s favorite podcast of picking NFL games against the spread. I’m joined once again by my wife Laura (the Mother) and my future brother-in-law Michael (the Grother), as we comb through the week 6 lines. Before we get to the […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Week 5 Picks & Debating the Husain Abdullah Celebration

Mother vs. Grother continues to be America’s favorite place for NFL picks because we don’t shy away from controversial topics like some other outlets. This week we break down the penalized religious celebration of Kansas City Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah. What side will the Mother and Grother come down on when it comes to praying in […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Week 4 & State Farm Agent or NFL Head Coach

We are back for another week of America’s favorite podcast, Mother vs. Grother. For our new fans, Mother vs. Grother pits my wife Laura, a a new Mother, vs. my gay soon to be Brother-in-law Michael (Grother = Gay Brother) in picking NFL games against the spread. This week we launch a new game where […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Week 3 Games & Scottish Independence

It’s time for Week 3 of Mother vs. Grother. This week we ask our panelists to weigh in on the firestorm surrounding the NFL and whether or not Scotland should vote to leave the United Kingdom. Of course we also breakdown each and every game of the week 3 slate in our own Mother vs. Grother style.