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2014 Mother vs. Grother Week 2

The 2014 edition of Mother vs. Grother is already on fire. This week everyone is back in the same place to record our NFL picks against the spread. Just a reminder that Mother vs. Grother features me picking games against my wife Laura (the Mother) and my brother’s fiancé Mike (the Grother). Check out the current […]

2014 Mother vs. Grother: Week 1

The NFL season is upon us, and that can mean only one thing. It is time for another season of Mother vs. Grother. For those who weren’t around for our inaugural season here is how the weekly podcast works. I put my reputation as an NFL expert of sorts on the line last year when […]

Separated at Birth?

Former NFL Officiating Tsar Mike Pereira and the king of Storage Wars Barry Weiss.  You be the judge

Planning King Joffrey’s Bachelor Festival

From : Sandore Clegane <> To: Knights of the Kingsguard <> Subject: The King’s Bachelor Festival To my fellow members of the Kingsguard.  King Joffrey has appointed me as royal planner for his majesty’s Bachelor Festival.  Now his majesty has made some requests.  He wants a royal suite, access to any and all weapons on […]

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

A friend of @JTBam brings us the tale of a headset lost. It is with a heavy heart that I say RIP to my Xbox headset. After three red rings of death (only one while the console was under warranty) and four worn out or broken controllers, the headset was the last piece to […]

Summer Movies 2012; Yes another breakdown

Hey, heard anything about Summer Movies yet?  Me neither.  So I thought why not do a quick list of recommendations because with HD and the web it really takes some extra oomph for a movie to be worth seeing. Level I.  Movies I will actually see in Theaters. Don’t forget what it takes to see […]

Howard Stern & Twilight Fashions

Now while I loved Howard Stern’s Super Bowl commercial for America’s Got Talent (full disclosure I normally like anything Howard does) I do have to wonder where Howard’s fashion is heading.  While Howard has always dressed like a modern day Fonzi his recent clothing choices have begun to look like he raided the wardrobe truck […]

Real Housewives of Auto Tune

Last night at the Super Bowl Madonna did what most women her age do when appearing in front of HD cameras.  Cover their arms and hope for close ups to be kept at a minimum. While she was lip syncing around thousands of dancers with her auto tuned voiced bouncing off any standing wall in […]

Bruce Jenner is a Canary

Now look this post is not going to be all about me channeling my rage and anger at the season finale of Kourtney and Kim take New York.  But while you mention it I did have a few favorite moments.  My first was when Kim lamented her wedding by remembering what she had done to […]

Geico flakes on Brian Orakpo

Every year football fans make a deal with the commercial gods.  For 16 weeks we will face nothing but beer, car, and insurance ads, and then sit through the same spots for the entire season.  Sometimes this results in greatness like the original NAPA know how ad (note the second ad changed NAPA guys and […]