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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Mama Mama We’re All English Now

There was a time when American audiences would only allow English actors to play roles like “Latin Professor” or “Librarian.  With the accent and pale skin they were normally asexual plot point machines, but now times have changed. Batman – British Spiderman – British & now we hear news that the reboot of the last […]

Little Miss Supreme Pizza

It is every dad’s dream to turn their daughter into a sexual animal by the age of 3, and that is why I appreciate the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. Sandwiched between episodes of Sister Wives and Police Women of Cincinnati is a show totally devoted to obese moms and latent dads. I like to […]

Cities that still need Real Housewives Franchises

Right behind NFL Teams the hottest property a city can acquire in today’s market is a Real Housewives Franchise. The Finale of Beverly Hills was seen by 4.2 million people and now there needs to be a list of the remaining contenders for the next Real Housewives Franchise. 1. Palm Beach – It’s just like […]

My NFC Conference Playoff Thoughts

All through the 2nd half of the NFC Conference game I was trying to introduce into the conversation a point I felt needed to be discussed. Is there someone at Stark Industries whose only job is to cut holes into the middle of Tony’s T-Shirts?  Now I blame FX for playing Iron Man 24/7 recently, […]

Ah Thank You Xbox 360

Defending the Xbox 360 becomes harder and harder as I get older, but old refrain of “but it plays DVDs” always seems to push off any talk of getting rid of it.  Yes I still buy the Maddens and Call of Duty titles and I love to play, but its staying power lies in its […]

Bush Libel

The Blame Game Machine that is the modern media has decided blame is needed upon Ricky Gervais for his “crass and tone deaf” hosting at the Golden Globes, but I am here to tell you different friends. Oh Yes The blame here falls at the feet of Bush.  Billy to be percise.  Billy Bush, Mario […]

Spiderman via the Lorimer L Stop

Have you heard about the new Super Hero who just so happens to fit perfectly into a pair of skinny jeans? Eat, Eat, you are all skin and web. Does this mean Spiderman moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn to escape the rent hike from his building going condo? Barkeep a PBR for my wall crawling […]