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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Macho Memories

The Sports Guy just put out what might be the most mainstream memorial for the Macho Man Randy Savage.  His key passage recount’s the great Mega Powers storyline between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. In February 1989, our college staged its annual Blind Date Ball — a little like a prom, only your roommate set […]

The Hunger Game is Violence

A little while ago the talk of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins reached my Kindle. “Yes it is a book for kids, but it really grabs you” was the line. I had resisted reading the Harry Potter books initially because of their ridiculous cartoon book covers and large red scholastic sticker.  It was like walking […]

Music as Weather

If you could translate the last month of NYC weather into music it would sound something like this.  

Lady Gaga Sells Out Nightly

I have spent most of my time since viewing the Lady Gaga HBO Concert Special addressing everyone in my Gaga voice.  If you didn’t see the concert it pretty much goes like this.  You start out of breath and then move into a chicken soup for the soul passage, but the key is you yell […]

A Top 10 for Newt

What a week Newt Gingrich has had!  The former Speaker of the House had to apologize to the cheesy Paul Ryan for daring to call his plan to change medicare into coupons “radical”.  Newt didn’t seem to realize that people might start actually paying attention to him once he declared a run for the presidency. […]

Free Oprah

I recently had to listen to friends complain about the last episodes of the Oprah talk show.  One thought they were just rolling out clip shows, while the other was bored with the recent topics on the show.  Feh I say.  What these people don’t realize is Oprah doesn’t need them.  She is two weeks […]

Game of Sean Bean

Now on the surface a show made up of the fat security guard from The Full Monty playing King, and Goldeneye’s 006 (Close the door Alec, there’s a draft!) as his second in command seems like a real loser formula, but fear not.  Game of Thrones is the best new show on TV, and fills […]