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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Mother vs. Grother 2014: Kim Kardashian’s Ass & Week 11 NFL Picks

Where would Mother vs. Grother be if Kim Kardashian and her honey baked rear end had actually gone through with her threat to break the internet? This week the panel tackles that buzzy photo shoot, and debates if that photo could make us forget about her sex tape past. After attempting to wrap our hands […]

Mother vs. Grother 2014: The Future of the Podcast in the Post GOP World & Week 10 NFL Picks

Could this be the last week of Mother vs. Grother? America’s favorite podcast might have to change with the Republican party now in charge of the US House and Senate. We discuss the future of the podcast and culture at large, and then dive into the week 10 NFL games. By next week this podcast […]