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Ah Thank You Xbox 360

Defending the Xbox 360 becomes harder and harder as I get older, but old refrain of “but it plays DVDs” always seems to push off any talk of getting rid of it.  Yes I still buy the Maddens and Call of Duty titles and I love to play, but its staying power lies in its functionality.

Recently I was caught talking on my headset by my girlfriend using my British accent.  I find it much easier to speak in a bad Beatles accent when yelling at a twelve year old to block the headquarters back door.

Flash forward to our viewing of the Oscar and Indie darling the Kids are All Right.  The story of lesbians and their sperm donor was well acted, but felt a bit slow.  Also Mark Ruffalo is scruffy.  It’s confirmed.  But the movie was the least of my problems.

Basically on Xbox 360 you the get the ability to make friends and then play with those groups online.  One feature is that the Xbox reminds you when these friends come online no matter what they are doing.  So it was hard to defend the old Xbox as she spat out some of my friends list.

Girlfriend: Julianne Moore still looks good

Me: Boogie Nights is the best

Xbox on screen: Devastator321X is Online

Girlfriend: Is that for real?

Me: What?

Girlfriend: The friend thing.  You know that guy?

Me: Oh not really we just killed zombies together.

Girlfriend: You are such a loser, that better not happen the whole movie

Me: Just Relax

Xbox on screen: Nugz4Life is now Online

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