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Bruce Jenner is a Canary

Now look this post is not going to be all about me channeling my rage and anger at the season finale of Kourtney and Kim take New York.  But while you mention it I did have a few favorite moments.  My first was when Kim lamented her wedding by remembering what she had done to the life of her new husband.  I am paraphrasing but her response went something like this.  “I just feel so bad, like, I plucked this hayseed out of a Minneapolis hibachi and brought him to Los Angeles where he is now constantly followed by paparazzi who are always after a piece of me.”  A honorable mention goes to Kim’s white robe for attempting, and failing, to cover up her giant rear end for the last twenty minutes of the show.

The best part of the show though was the moment you could hear Mary Ellis-Bunim’s ghost begin to start haunting LA.  After promoting that this episode what the one where we would see Kim and Kris finally break up the producers at the last moment threw a curve ball.  As Kim explained.  “I am such a public person, and my life is open to my fans, but somethings aren’t for public view.”  Reality okiedoke all over the American public.

And I bring up all of this to discuss how far out of control we have allowed this whole Kardashian/Jenner thing to get.  There are some people born today who can’t even remember when this family wasn’t the kings of reality tv.  We as a culture used to be so much better at these things.  Want proof?  Check out this photo.


You are now looking at the 2003 cast of the what most people regard as the worst reality show ever, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  And look who is sandwiched in between two people no one really cares about. Yes it’s clayface himself Bruce Jenner.  You think today’s Bruce would ever appear with this bunch of losers? We had a great idea of Bruce’s worth in 2003.  Bruce you go into the forest and crap in a bucket for our collective amusement ok?

I bring this all up because in so many ways America’s cultural canary is Bruce Jenner.  As he gets more and more popular the environment begins to get more and more toxic.  Once he starts hosting a show on Fox News saturdays at 8pm there will be no more oxygen left.  So I would never ask anyone to boycott or stop paying attention to them (it would be like telling dogs to ignore tennis balls) but to not forget what we used to think about Bruce and his face that always seemed more Cardassian than Kardashian.

Now I have to go check in on Khole and Lamar to make sure their true love is still blossoming for them in Dallas.  Priorities are there for a reason.

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