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My NFC Conference Playoff Thoughts

All through the 2nd half of the NFC Conference game I was trying to introduce into the conversation a point I felt needed to be discussed.

Is there someone at Stark Industries whose only job is to cut holes into the middle of Tony’s T-Shirts?  Now I blame FX for playing Iron Man 24/7 recently, but still it merits consideration.

Me: All I am saying is there must be someone who spends all day cutting circles in his shirts.

Brother: Does he do this when I am not here?

Girlfriend: He’s watched the movie 10 times this week

Me: Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shit job.  Perfect circles or we are talking about snagging his doo-hickey on the nylon.  And I bet the guy who has the job thinks he’s really some big shot, but you are just cutting T-Shirts pal.

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