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2014 Mother vs. Grother: Week 1

The NFL season is upon us, and that can mean only one thing. It is time for another season of Mother vs. Grother. For those who weren’t around for our inaugural season here is how the weekly podcast works. I put my reputation as an NFL expert of sorts on the line last year when I made picks against the spread vs. my Mother and my Grother (Gay Brother). Of course as fate¬†would have it I got demolished by both of them in the picks department. My Grother Joe actually finished in the 95% of ESPN Pigskin Pick’em entries. It was a devastating defeat. After last year I needed to shake things up.

This season we have two brand new players for me to match wits with. The new Mother for this season is my wife Laura. She’s been officially a Mother now for 5 weeks and is ready for the challenge. The Grother for 2014 is Joe’s fianc√© Mikey. Mikey is an interior designer who has his own ideas about picking teams, and is out to prove that Joe’s 2013 win wasn’t a fluke.

We will be here every week picking games in ways never thought of before. As usual you can follow all of the action on our ESPN page. Now sit back and enjoy Week 1 of the all new Mother vs. Grother.

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