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Mother vs. Grother 2014: Picking the Week 6 Slate & the Top 3 Sexiest Players

If the leaves are changing, then it must be Mother vs. Grother season. Welcome back to America’s favorite podcast of picking┬áNFL games against the spread. I’m joined once again by my wife Laura (the Mother) and my future brother-in-law Michael (the Grother), as we comb through the week 6 lines. Before we get to the lines there’s the small matter of them listing their Top 3 sexiest players of all time. All that plus a small talk about charity, and an update of the 2014 standings.

Don’t miss next week when the Mother and Grother will release their list of the Top 3 sexiest NFL owners. That’s a can’t miss reveal. Until then please enjoy Week 6 of Mother vs. Grother.

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