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Cities that still need Real Housewives Franchises

Right behind NFL Teams the hottest property a city can acquire in today’s market is a Real Housewives Franchise.

The Finale of Beverly Hills was seen by 4.2 million people and now there needs to be a list of the remaining contenders for the next Real Housewives Franchise.

1. Palm Beach – It’s just like RH of New York except if all activity took place on the Upper East Side.  Other major difference is caribbean nurses push strollers in NY and wheelchairs in Palm Beach, but otherwise extremely similar.

2. Phoenix – Arizona is the new Florida.  The place where crazy white people go to retire.  No longer will Tampa Bay be home to retired people from the UP of Michigan.  Cast an equal number of white and hispanic divas and let it turn into the modern day West Side Story.

3. Orlando – The Real Housewives franchise for people who always dreamed to live in a McMansion within driving distance of theme parks.  We are talking Golf Clubs and people mentioning how close they live to the Tiger Woods house.  “I met Elin once in the produce section at Publix” could easily fit.

4. Lincoln, Nebraska – Cheapest show ever.  Just place all your camera crews at the Wal-Mart and wait.  All the good shit goes down at the Wal-Mart.

5. Baltimore – Just stay out of West Baltimore…

So the major question is not if Los Angeles can handle say the Jaguars moving there, but if they can possibly support a third Real Housewives franchise.

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