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Mama Mama We’re All English Now

There was a time when American audiences would only allow English actors to play roles like “Latin Professor” or “Librarian.  With the accent and pale skin they were normally asexual plot point machines, but now times have changed.

Batman – British

Spiderman – British

& now we hear news that the reboot of the last reboot of Superman had found their new man of steel and he too is a Brit named Henry Cavill.

Someone sound the Tea Party Alert!  How dare we allow our Superheroes to be played by people who use the word fag for cigarette?  Even both Green Supers (Hornet and Lantern) are Canadian!  Yes we were thrown the bone of Captain America, but there would have been riots at Wal-Marts if they didn’t do that.

All I am saying is we leave their roles alone.  I didn’t see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson get an audition for the King’s Speech.  How come Lisa Rinna hasn’t played Queen Elizabeth?  You listening BBC?

The only time it seems to flow the other way is when Rene Zellweger went fat to play Bridget Jones.  That’s it.  How come it only sounds horrible when we do British accents, but not when they do their flat northern Ohio accent?

So when thinking about the problems the US is dealing with, why not start small and around an issue we all believe in.

I say no more British Superheroes.  Not now, not ever.  Not till this trade deficit is leveled shall we rest.  Cast Martin Lawrence as Shakespeare and then maybe we can think it over.

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