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The 4 Stages of Reality TV

You will never believe this, but something went wrong with the fondant!

Stage 1 – Denial

We have all been there before.  You see that promo for the Joan and Melissa Rivers Reality Show and say the same thing.

No.  It can’t be possible.  They didn’t.

Stage 1 is the hardest stage to graduate from, and most shows never make it past this stage.  I am talking to you Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.

Stage 2 Bargaining

This is the time when you start bargaining with yourself about the show.

Ok I can watch the season finale of Jerseyliciuous, but then I have to watch all of 60 Minutes.

The Show starts to be mentioned by people on Facebook, and you DVR three episodes on a Sunday.

Stage 3 Acceptance

This conversation happens

Mom: What exactly do the Kardashians do?

Stage 4 Anger

The clearest sign of a declining reality show is product placement.  All the sudden the Cake Boss needs tons of Glad Bags around the shop.  The fake Reality starts to crack because no one in real life would espouse how great Cotton is as a fabric or Ocean City is as a vacation spot.  But there is money to be made, and once product placement begins small holes appear.  Give the show long enough and those holes will drag down the entire ship.

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