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Fat Expo

The product of the week is the Biggest Loser Expo Board

(Not a paid endorsement)

It’s the perfect gift for the cat lady office administrator or your obese uncle who can’t draw boxes on a white board.

And it’s only $29.99

So forget that old dusty pad of paper you have in the corner.  Legal pads?  Please those don’t provide the necessary support for weight loss.

Working out without this poster may actually result in weight gain.  I would actually like to get this product but use it to chart my BMs.  That has always been my idea of the Biggest Loser.

In ten years these boards will be distributed to schools in Detroit for algebra I class.

Only buy this board if your fingers are too fat to work a pen.

I actually am partnering up with Top Chef to produce the official Top Chef I Ate What? Board.  Cost will only be three easy payments of $29.99.  But for that you get a white board with lines on it and some facsimile of the Top Chef logo.  Maybe crossed knives.  Maybe Padma.  Maybe Tom.  Maybe Padma & Tom.  Maybe Padma & Tom in shadow.

Operators are standing by

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