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Call of Duty; Anxiety

By now millions of people have played Call of Duty: Black Ops online, but I can’t be the only one racked with anxiety.  No it’s not my girlfriend asking me if “I enjoyed working together with twelve year old boys” or how most people sound like Peter Brady during recording sessions online.  No that is part of the fun.  Nazi’s are ruining the game.  You heard it here first.

See the zuckerbergian geniuses behind the game gave users the opportunity to create your own emblems.  With hundreds of decals and outlines there were numerous ways you could show the world your style.  Maybe a crashing wave emblem or a south park character at first, but now that has given way to Swastikas and white hoods.  Now I spend the first sixty seconds of every game checking all the emblems to make sure I don’t enter a game with a Nazi.

In Call of Duty the emblem of who kills you is shown each time you die, so if you are killed by the Nazi’s you can’t avoid the emblem.  It creates an unfun situation to say the least.  Sometimes when I am enjoying the room I am playing in and a Nazi joins I hope he is placed on my team so then I don’t have to see his emblem.  Lessens the anxiety, but yet still leaves me feeling like a Vichy.

(Also shocking is that Nazi’s have the time to play multiplayer online games.  I always assumed their time was consumed with cloning Hitler or organizing marches on obsolete city halls.  Now add sitting on the couch to their list of demands.  What do we want? Power to my White Xbox!)

There is a way to report players, and I report all Swastikas (I am no censor btw and have enjoyed the numerous pornographic emblems and the brian griffin ones) and according to Xbox policy those using them will be banned for life.  Good for Xbox, but yet like a fat girl at a cinnabon they are always online.

I continue to check the emblems whenever I play, but what else do I have to do while being heckled for acting like an southern Indiana teenager.

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