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Game of Sean Bean

Now on the surface a show made up of the fat security guard from The Full Monty playing King, and Goldeneye’s 006 (Close the door Alec, there’s a draft!) as his second in command seems like a real loser formula, but fear not.  Game of Thrones is the best new show on TV, and fills the fantasy void most of us Lost fans have been feeling recently.

It seems every show on the big four networks is grounded in procedural territory.  See Body, find Murderer, roll credits.  A solid formula that people in Missouri really seem to jibe with.  The list of procedurals on CBS alone is never ending.  CSI.  CSI: NY.  CSI:Mia.  Criminal Minds.  Criminal Minds LA.  NCIS.  NCIS LA.  Detective finds clues.  Detective finds clues LA.

Now try to list the character driven shows. Go ahead.  Take all the time you need.  Did someone whisper Parenthood?  Yeah but only I watch that show.  Glee?  Song driven.  The best character shows today are actually Reality TV fare like Real Housewives of NJ/NY/OC/ATL or Jersey Shore.

The biggest problem I had with Game of Thrones was explaining why I thought we should watch it with the girlfriend.  That exchange led her to google the show for more information.  It led to this discussion.

“Is this like a Dungeons and Dragons game?” she said.

“What?” I replied

“Like a nerd game, I can’t believe you want to watch this nerd game show”

“It was a book first, then the game.  It’s not the same thing”

“Really? Look at these pictures from the last convention.  You want to be like these guys?  I think one is chewing on his T-Shirt collar”

“Its on HBO, I think it will have more to it than a Magic the gathering knock off”

“You just referencing Magic cards dried up my Lady Parts.”

“We are watching it.  I already DVR’d it.”

“Ok, but I reserve the right to pull the plug on this nerd heaven at anytime”

Lucky for me the first show featured enough violence and sex to disprove its previous card game slander.  Now three episodes in I am fully apart of the story.

So far the show belongs to Peter Dinklage in the role of Tyrion Lannister (had to google for proper spelling, the biggest drawback to Game of Thrones.  No one has a name like Steve or Gary).  As the dwarf brother of the Queen he perfectly embodies both the anger at his station in life, and the royal ego that is apart of the Lannister family.  He seems like a lock for at the very least a Golden Globe.  HBO always does well there because Dubai journalists responds positively to swag.

So get on your HBO Demand today and catch up with Game of Thrones.  I need more people around me ready to discuss what exactly they eat at the Wall, and if John Snow has never heard of the Maury show.  He could end this whole who is my mom problem in about two segments.

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