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The Hunger Game is Violence

A little while ago the talk of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins reached my Kindle. “Yes it is a book for kids, but it really grabs you” was the line. I had resisted reading the Harry Potter books initially because of their ridiculous cartoon book covers and large red scholastic sticker.  It was like walking around with a giant highlights magazine.  I can easily say that no one will confuse Hunger Games for anything that contains word jumbles and how to make your own kites.

The plot is simple.  Running Man for kids.  If you haven’t seen Running Man (Shame on you!) than consider it Gladiator + Mad Max.  Katniss (See the names are funky! Kids book!) is the heroine of the book, and other ridiculous names pop up to help or delay her success.  The one key to the book though isn’t magic, or overcoming your family issues.  No it is good old fashion violence.

It’s like if Slipnot being asked to score the new Pixar film.

The combination of young adult reading comprehension and violence results in a break neck pace where the whole story seems to shift each paragraph.

But why is this really interesting?  Because the Hollywood treatment is already being made.  The question I have is how can this movie not be PG-13?  Movie studios really like to keep franchises in the PG range, but with arrows and swords cutting down a different character each page that seems impossible.

When the film grosses over $200 mil domestic expect every classic kids movie to be remade with a splash of violence.

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