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Macho Memories

The Sports Guy just put out what might be the most mainstream memorial for the Macho Man Randy Savage.  His key passage recount’s the great Mega Powers storyline between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man.

In February 1989, our college staged its annual Blind Date Ball — a little like a prom, only your roommate set you up with your date. As luck would have it, the most famous Friday Night Main Event match ever was scheduled that same night. Now considered a “good guy,” Savage had been tag-teaming with Hogan as the Mega Powers … only Hogan’s budding friendship with Miss Elizabeth was making Savage jealous. Any true wrestling fan knew where this was headed….

We knew what was coming and loved it anyway: Savage sucker punched Hogan and beat him senseless, just a virtuoso performance, one of the defining buddy-turning-on-buddy events of the past 30 years.

Now while I have to agree that I too was deeply affected by the Mega Powers fracture that wasn’t the best Macho Moment.  I would go with Wrestlemania 7 when the then Macho King with Queen Sherri took on the Ultimate Warrior in a loser leaves the WWF Match.

Back when wrestling was real this was a frightening stake.  Leave the WWF forever?  What would the loser do then?  Neon spandex doesn’t buy itself.

The match not only featured some great spots, especially the repeated elbow drops by Macho, but was also like an episode of Real Housewives of WWF.  See Ms. Elizabeth, the Macho’s former love and wife, was in the stands for the fight.  After Macho loses the fight and Queen Sherri is kicking him while he is down (this features great commentary that makes you feel Sherri is the devil) you can feel the whole audience staring at Elizabeth.  It is a Vince McMahon special.  Very See n’ Say.  Here is the clip.

WWE Classics – Randy Savage and Elizabeth… by Jim1025

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